The Excursions of Mr Broucek - opera by Leos Janacek    a costume led performance London College of Fashion

Designer Andie Scott

Performer Chiara Zubiani

Director – Peta Lily 

Producer Donatella Barbieri London College of Fashion

Technical Tutor Claire Christie LCF

Technical supervisor Marion Yarwood LCF

Photography Madga Kuca


The costume is printed with historical gay figure's names and treated with a heat sensitive ink. As the performer moves and gets hotter more names are revealed.

The Excursions of Mr Broucek to the moon and to the 15th Century

An Opera by Leos Janacek


Act 1 Punk London

set on the streets of London in a scene reminiscent of Derek Jarman's film Jubilee (disillusionment with punk becoming fascistic). He tries to fit in with the drunk homeless artists, but they tease him, the sausages are an inuendo to gay. His low self esteem makes him wield petty power.


Act 2 Andrew Logan and the Alternative Miss World


Broucek  drifts to drunken sleep and is transported to London's gay club scene -1990's. Leigh Bowery as an influential, Wonderglitter figure, Andrew Logan's Alternative Miss World inspire the expressionistic costume. Brouceck rejects his inclusion in this society, hiding to 'eat his sausage'. The artists expel him for not 'coming out'.


Act 3 1970s – 1980s London – queer bashing and skinheads


Brouceck wakes and drifts back to sleep finding himself in the anti-gay demonstrations - 1970's, Skinheads led by the Councillor, the anti gay demonstrators discover that Brouceck is gay. Brouceck wakes from his dream but he doesn't resume his life constrained by an heterosexual Lifeworld, he is liberated .