From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads  Design

From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads


Written and directed by Adrian Berry

Performed by Alex Walton 

Design Andie Scott

Lighting Tom Clutterbuck 

Videography Mark Morreau

Photographs Ben Hopper 


Adrian Berry’s acclaimed production tells the tale of a young David Bowie obsessive

Martin is a boy with problems - an illness no-one understands and a head full of sound and vision. So when an unexpected gift arrives on his birthday, Martin embarks on a thrilling journey in the footsteps of his obsession, leading him to discover some long-hidden truths about himself. What follows will change his life forever...

Powerful and touching, music and magic realism collide in this darkly funny and moving production featuring Alex Walton and the voice of comedian Rob Newman as David Bowie.


With a blistering soundtrack, the life of the pop fan is dissected in this tale of unnatural teenage wildlife