Liminal Acts -Heloise and Abelard          SADLERS WELLS 2017          London College of Fashion  MA

Liminal Acts - Heloise and Abelard


Performer: Sadiq Ali

Choreographer:  Peta Lily

Producer: Anges Treplin London College of Fashion (LCF)

Lighting Designer : Antony Hateley

Sound Designer: Wilf Petherbridge

Music by kind permission from Max Richter


Videographer : Nicholas Sergeant

Sadlers Wells Photographer: Emmi Hyyppa

Studio photographer: Andie Scott

Technical costume supervisor: Claire Christie(LCF)

Costume technical support: Marion Yarwood ( LCF)

12th century philosopher Abelard inveigled himself into his pupil Heloise's affections. Their passionate relationship scandalized Parisian society when her uncle took revenge and had Abelard castrated. Abelard unmanned, became a monk also making Heloise take the veil. After 15 years of silence they recommenced writing to each other. This devised piece reflects her memories of constant passion. The fabrics used and design concept grow out of lingerie materials and traditional forms become inverted. The mesh is hand woven from rigilene corsetry boning.


music from '24 postcards in Full Colour' by Max Richter