Enchanted Seasons - Sorcha Productions

What would happen if we took a moment out of our busy lives so that we could appreciate everything that is miraculous about life on earth? Enter Enchanted Seasons. They bring with them the freshness and beauty of the natural world. They will stop you in your tracks and you will stay with them and share a mesmerising moment; a moment in which you’ll remember the joy and wonder that surrounds you.

There is a character for each season which can be booked as a solo, duo or 4 person piece, depending on the scale of the event or the season it’s held in. Spring conjures up the excitement of the new season with fresh daffodils and spring blooms. Summer is adorned with butterflies, sunflowers, poppies and the bright, warm colours this season brings. Autumn is festooned with fiery leaves, and birds fattening up before the change of the season. Winter is exquisitely clad in the meandering ivy and shiny red berries of this frosty season.

Perfect for all seasonal and outdoor events such as festivals, celebrations and parties – anywhere you’d like to add a natural touch. Enchanted Seasons will engage and enchant a large crowd in seconds.