Cassette - Parkhouse Pictures

A struggling social media influencer discovers the house he shares is haunted. The ghost brings him and his friends fame and fortune, but with deadly consequences.


Working with Leena Mistry in costume for feature film Cassette. Written and directed by Marcus Harben. Producers Steven and Tracy Jarvis with Giles Alderson. 


Actors include Nina Wadia, Tanya Burr, Poppy Roe, Jessica Webber, Loreece Harrison, Harry Jarvis.... full cast and crew


Main role design and fabrication of zombie dresses for character Dawn and breaking down costume and art department props and dressing. 

Highlights for me include being one of three small people in the kitchen cupboards under the sink to create the ghost effect .... my work on the tramp costume causing a security breach when they believed the actor was a real homeless person.... and a lovely moment in the dressing room with Poppy Roe