Lost In Translation Circus - Famished

The audience are welcomed as if to a cult seminar and handed a leaflet with a mysterious message….

We have created a world where a Poor Theatre aesthetic is mixed with ‘high concept’ (as they say in Cinema): Slave Clowns are forced to animate the seminar presentation led by the voice of an evangelistic, automated Controller, who represents some faceless Organisation, purporting to present humanity with a solution to the world of need.

Playfully leaning on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we explore human hunger on a rich spectrum. Alongside comedic depictions of hunger and inequality, the poetry and transcendence of Circus and original music evoke our needs of fulfilment, achievement and meaning. Meanwhile the predicament of Slave Clowns keeps the audience aware of humanity’s struggles against oppression and the desperation and fear of those whose very survival is at stake.

Working with us to realise  this new stage of production is Devisor / Director Peta Lily, Designer Andie Scott, Musical Composer Peter Reynolds, Movement Director Leonie McDonagh and Lighting Designer Antony Hateley.