Elusive Circus - 'Dust' -a touring promenade circus show

Design team from MA Costume Design for Performance

London College of Fashion : Wen Shi, Phoenix Wu, Geyi Zhou, Han Li, Nuri Na, Kelly Ryan, Zhiqian Li, Ye Liu, Andie Scott


Photography: Aofie McBride


Elusive Circus: Director Tamzen Moulding


Performers: Tamzen Moulding, Rebecca Rennison, Roo Jenkin-Jones, Graeme Clint, sadiq Ali standing in for Hendrick January





Elusive Circus is a Touring Circus Production directed by Tamzen Molding . The design concept has been developed by Andie Scott. Elusive Circus is a brand new promenade circus show.

As the gears of the show are spinning into place, a circus troupe throws open their city of tents to reveal a monochromatic scene of lost horizons and tall towering stories waiting in the shadows for you to enter and explore! Unusual characters and performers populate the circus and together they form the family that will take you on a trip: juggling and acrobatics arial skills and sinister puppets are controlled by an over obsessive ring master.

 The audience are drawn into the performance area through decreasing tents which contain Funfair style mirrors and soft penetrable fabrics. The artists interact through these walls with audience. Some of the audience has to crouch down to get through the tunnel to the performance space.

 London College of Fashion MA Costume Design for Performance students desiged and made the bespoke black and white costumes ready for the tour which opened at Seachange Great Yarmouth in July 2017. 

The LCF collaboration culminated in a photoshoot of the artists in costume. Aoife Mc Bride from MA photography generously offered her time outside of her own course



 Elusive Circus received full Arts Council Funding for the tour. Bringing this project from industry to the London College of Fashion meant that the value in kind from LCF was instrumental in helping this circus company. 


The tour 2017 

July 10-12 Newbury

July 17th -22nd Circomedia residency Bristol 

July 31st -August 12th Seachange arts Residency Great Yarmouth

Aust 21st - 24th  Greenwich Theatre London residency and Work in progress performance

August 26th-28th Lets Circus Newcastle Performance

September 7th   Newbury Performance (possible travel on the 6th and home on the 8

September 11th -16th Circomedia residency  Bristol

September 20th- 21st Circomedia tech on 20th  performance 21st. Bristol