Living Leonardo - Cornucopia Theatre

An exploration in creating moving paintings with workshops in London and Brazil by Mark Duncan ... 


So very excited to create the last supper with communities globally ... the wealth... the poverty... gluttony ...famine ... and sacrifice 

women through history will go without to provide nourishment for her child


its worth exploring the work of Mark Duncan who I love working with on community projects and enabling young people to engage with professionals .  


So our next step is Leonardo's The Last Supper which we will create as a real meal with community players, Costume will be interesting - whether we create modern expressions of the fabric... gesture or just a look. The food will be prepared locally to express the culture we engage with.


This is a project at conception which requires funding to explore the deepest meaning of breaking bread together. 


And yes we want to recreate a living Mona Lisa - the wife of a wealthy merchant . As a woman I feel very connected with this picture - if she had a phone I think she'd have just taken a selfie and posted it on social media. She'd have her friends click like. She would not go viral now but she has achieved this from being the most looked at portrait in the world. We want 1000 Mona Lisa living portraits with the same hazed quality of the brushwork ....


its a powerful challenge 


If you would like to engage or fund this exciting work with me and Mark please get in touch through the contact page